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Free Decluttering Starter Kit

Are you ready to finish decluttering and get your home organized once and for all?

The Decluttering Starter Kit is free

You pay just $7.95 shipping and handling*

After working with thousands of people on how to declutter and stay organized even in a busy household, the top 2 obstacles people face are:

1. Not following a system

2. Losing steam and motivation and burning out

That's why I put together this free Decluttering Starter Kit so that you can stay on track and knock out some quick wins FAST! 

40 Tagging Stickers

One of the most heart-breaking problems people make is mixing up their piles, bags and boxes. The donation box mistakenly gets tossed into the trash or the bag of clothes to sell gets taken to the thrift store. 

Prevent that potential disaster from happening by tagging your boxes and bags with these stickers. 

How to Declutter Reminder Card

Overwhelm is a real thing. 

This card is your lifeline when you're in the middle of a decluttering project and you feel paralyzed by indecision. Grab your card, locate which step you should be on and read the directions. You'll be back in action immediately.

This heavy duty card is like having me alongside encouraging you as you work.

50 Micro Decluttering Projects

Never be at a loss for what to declutter again! 

You don't need hours and hours of time to declutter your home. Use those small pockets of time in your day - as little as 10 minutes! 

Those little micro projects will add up and your home will start feeling cleaner and more organized quicker than you realize.

The Decluttering Starter Kit is free

You pay just $7.95 shipping and handling*

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* International shipping is a flat $11.95

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