Do you want to declutter but don’t know what to do with all that stuff?

If so, you’ll need this mega list of places that will gladly take your clutter.

I spent the first decade of my adult life accumulating things. 

I used to think having lots of stuff (and keeping it nicely organized) were the keys to a happy life.

All the classic books plus stacks of new ones?


Closets full of linens, towels and blankets?


Enough gear for an army of babies?


Toys, toys and more toys?


All the latest kitchen gadgets and tools?

Count me in!

And let’s not forget the mountain of bins, baskets and boxes that was supposed to keep all this treasure organized.

The only problem was that it didn’t work.

Our playroom on a “good” day.

The stuff didn’t stay organized.

Most of it wasn’t even used very much.

Worst of all, it never made me or my family of 6 happy.

And actually I was pretty annoyed with the whole situation because I was constantly trying to reshuffle our home into better organization.

Until one day I stumbled on the power of living with less.

I immediately felt an incredible sense of freedom! Instead of spending all my time trying to (and failing to) manage our stuff, I started decluttering like crazy.

The decluttered playroom with only the things that the kids love.

I gave away things like I was Santa Claus. I gained hours of free time to play with my kids and work on my business because it took minutes instead of hours to tidy up the house. And let’s not even talk about the money saved!

My name is Sarah Mueller and I’m the creator of Early Bird Mom and Decluttering School. I’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to let go and declutter in a thoughtful, positive way without overwhelm and without sacrifice.

One of the things people want to know immediately is "so what do I DO with these things?"

They don’t want to throw all the clutter away but selling takes a lot of time.

Plus, not everything is worth selling.

If you’re asking the same question, I’d love to send you a free printable MEGA list of where to dispose of your clutter.

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