Teaching Kids to Clean the Kitchen – a Printable Checklist

Do your kids know how to clean up the kitchen? If not, you're missing out on a HUGE source of help! This is a life skill every kid needs to learn and the earlier you start, the better. This printable chart breaks up the task into levels of clean, allowing you to ask for "clean", "really clean" and "super clean" depending on how much time your helper has to spend. Empower your kids with a checklist they can follow - no nagging from mom required!

Would you like more help from your kids in the kitchen? Use it as a chore training tool or hang it up and let them do the job independently.

Our room cleaning checklist for kids was such a big hit (over 5000 pins!) that I decided to follow-up with a kitchen cleaning checklist. My kids are such a big help with chores around the house and I need every minute of their help!

Just the basics or clean a lot

This list has 3 levels of clean. If we only have a few minutes to clean up, I’ll tell them to do the first set of items. However, if we’re not rushing out the door or back to our schoolbooks, I may tell them we’re doing the entire list. It’s easy enough and they have the training so that they can do it all themselves in case I want to hide in my office and browse Google+  work on last-minute blog work.

Download your kitchen cleaning checklist for kids.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist for Kids

It’s so important to thank your kids for their help around the house so make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

P.S. Want your kids to clean up their rooms too? Grab a copy of my printable kids’ room cleaning checklist.

[This post is part of the How to Teach Your Kids to Do Chores series.]

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  1. April Atwood says

    This one and your room cleaning ones are the best checklists I’ve seen for comprehensively cleaning rooms of the house for kids. Do you happen to have more? I only could find the kitchen and room ones. If you don’t have more, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make more!!

    • Sarah Mueller says

      Oh my goodness – you made my day! I don’t have any but one for the bathroom and one for the car is percolating in my head. Let me see if I can get that one done.

  2. says

    I have five-year-old son and I want to tech him to keep the house tidy. He is still just a kid but I think that this check list is a great idea!Thanks a lot!

  3. says

    As simple as this seems, it’s actually very effective in many ways. Aside from the kids seeing the lists and telling them which ones we want them to do, we can use the numbers to remind them of what they need to do in a certain situation. We can say something like, “Lucy, have you done number 3 already?”.

    Thanks for sharing this one. This will defeinitely be of great help.

  4. Beth Nye says

    This list on kids helping clean the kitchen is great, but currently our family is in-between selling our house & buying a new one. Therefore, we are staying in a tiny apartment w/no dishwasher. Sadly, I am disabled & have to depend on my tween doing quite a few chores on a daily basis. It would be nice to see what type of kitchen chores most tweens are doing so perhaps I won’t feel as guilty expecting her to do what she is assigned (i cAnt lift even a gallon of milk so garbage is 1 of her main chores.) Thanks again for all your great tips especially on homeschooling!

    • says


      Thanks for your comment. I have plenty to say on the topic of how much is age appropriate (I feel a new post coming on!) but in short, I would say, if she can do it and you need her to, please don’t feel badly about it. It is a blessing that she can help you and she will be greatly served in life by learning to help where she is needed. Even if it is more than her peers. Even if she isn’t happy about it. If you show her how much she’s needed and sincerely and frequently thank her for her help, I think you’ll be fine.

      I once read about a woman who was on bed rest with twins and her 6 year old learned to wash pots and pans. It was very hard for her to not do all the things that needed to be done and wait for someone else to do them, but it helped her family grow closer together.

      I pray you’ll be in your new house soon! Moving is such a difficult thing, even when you’re well. God bless!
      Sarah recently posted…Family Fun Friday {Week 51}My Profile

    • Sarah says

      Lena, great question! I would start by keeping them with me and having them help me with whatever I’m doing. Drying dishes and putting them away, showing them how to load or unload the dishwasher, set the table, vacuum (a personal favorite with little kids around here!), help cook and bake, put away groceries, stuff like that. My 6 (almost 7) year old loves the messy jobs so he is the one I call when we are making meatloaf (he loves to mix with his hands) or occasionally wash some pots in a sink full of soapy water. He can empty the dishwasher by himself as long as I’m around for moral support and to put away the things he can’t reach.

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