Getting Kids to Clean Up Their Rooms – a Printable Checklist

My kids are rockstars at doing chores. They pitch in around the house constantly and thank goodness – I could never keep up without their help. One of my pet peeves is a messy bedroom. I’ve worked hard to teach my kids how to clean up their rooms.

Unfortunately, just because they know how to clean doesn’t mean they do it properly all the time.

Lately little things were being ignored and the bedrooms just weren’t getting picked up to my satisfaction. So I whipped up a quick printable so they can check their own work in cleaning their rooms and there will be no more “confusion” about what counts as a “clean” bedroom.

(available in black or white)
Clean your room: a #printable checklist

Getting Kids to Clean Up Their Rooms – a #Printable Checklist

Download the PDF Clean Your Room printable checklist in black or white

Having a printed checklist posted puts the responsibility in the kids’ hands and empowers them to do a good job.

I’m happy to share this fun printable with you! Just click the link or the picture above to download and print.

How do you get your kids to clean up their rooms?

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  1. Jody H says

    Cleaning rooms is part of the kid’s Saturday morning chores. They each get 4 chores and have them for a year, then we trade jobs in January. Each child gets a bathroom, their room, the living room, family room or kitchen, and a few trash cans. We’ve been doing it this way for a few years now and it works for us.

    • Sarah Mueller says

      Thanks, Janell! My kids aren’t normally allowed to eat in their rooms either but lately glasses have been sneaking in there somehow so that’s why that’s listed. I hope you find it useful

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