No More Perfect Kids!

Am I the only one who collects parenting books the way some people collect knick-knacks? I’ve read dozens of them. I figure, if my kids’ behavior is perplexing to me, I should do everything I can to understand it (and them). Thus, my habit of reading parenting manuals was born.


The book I just read, No More Perfect Kids, has become a new favorite of mine.

After nearly 14 years of being a parent, I realize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” method. Different kids need different things and even as they grow, I may need to change my approach. Oy, is being a mom hard or what?

Even though there are clearly many ways to be a good parent, I am also learning that there are some right and wrong ways to do things as a mom.  This book has opened my eyes to some mistakes I am making with my kids. … [read more]

How to Get Out of the House with Kids in Tow: The Reverse Method

Last week, my kids had eye doctor appointments and I was in super-efficient mom mode. We needed 5 minutes to get shoes on, 15 minutes to drive, 10 minutes of margin time. My purse was waiting by the door. I really had it together! That was until someone knocked a dish off the counter, it smashed into a thousand pieces and I cut myself trying to clean it up.

How to Get Out of the House With Kids in Tow: The Reverse Method

In a flash, my vision of walking calmly into the doctor’s office with my brood was dashed. I briefly contemplated leaving the broken glass for later and hoped there wouldn’t be any traffic.  … [read more]

Family Fun Friday {Week 62}

Decisions, decisions…

Family Fun Friday 62

Sometimes it’s just too hard to pick a theme and stick with it, so this week, I’ve picked 6 of my favorite posts to share with you. No, they don’t have a lot in common (other than they are great posts for moms), but each one has a tidbit of wisdom I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoy them!

This week is my last week as a Family Fun Friday hostess. I’ve had such fun getting to know all of you and I’ve been honored to feature a few of you. I can’t wait to see what you have for us this week!

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