How we use a VoIP phone and save $320 a year


We are among the growing segment of people who have ditched the landline. Instead, we use a VOIP phone as a much cheaper alternative to a landline. When we moved into our dream home 2 years ago, we made the decision to skip having a traditional phone line . The phone company didn't offer high speed internet in our area (our internet is through the cable company) and so we didn't have the incentive to use them for phone service. { Read more... }


The story of buying our dream home


It was the house that was totally out of our league. When I first saw the pictures on the real estate website, I lingered over them, especially the wrap-around front porch and the yard that rivaled any respectable soccer field. It was literally the picture perfect house on a hill with much more than we had hoped for. I never thought we would make an offer on that house. There were plenty of downsides to the house. { Read more... }


3 Ways to keep summer meals easy


Does summertime leave you just a little busier than usual? My family has been looking forward to summer since, oh, about February, but now that it’s here, it’s packed full of activities, road trips, fresh air, and campfires. But the kitchen doesn’t get to close down just because the pool is beckoning. And if you’re into healthy food, you’re not just going to open package after package to keep everyone fed. Join me over at A Mind Full Mom where I'm sharing 3 ways to help keep summer { Read more... }