Mom Conference Planning Worksheet

Have you heard about the amazing Mom Conference starting TODAY? I am so excited about the free sessions being presented this week, all geared toward helping you be a better, happier, healthier and more productive mom. Did I mention it’s free?

If you haven’t yet registered, now’s the time!

Go here to register and then come back and download the free planning printable I’ve put together for you. You can only watch the sessions on their scheduled days which means you need a game plan. Sessions are available starting at 10am EST until 9:59am the next day so you have the flexibility to watch at your convenience. This worksheet will help you scope out the sessions you want to view.

Mom Conference Planner

Click to download the Mom Conference Planning Worksheet.

Take a look at the list, check off your must-haves and maybe a few extra in case you have some extra time this week (does that ever happen?) Write yourself a note on your calendar or add an alarm to your phone – whatever you have to do to make sure you don’t miss your chosen sessions. 

What’s on my list?

I’ve got a crazy busy week, but I just can’t pass up a few of these sessions. My top 5 right now are:

  1. Get and Stay Organized: A Fail-proof System (Tuesday)
  2. Knock Out a Month’s Worth of Dinners in One Day (Tuesday)
  3. 5 Practical Natural Remedies for Moms (Wednesday)
  4. 5 Quick Hair Styles that can be Done in Under 10 Minutes (Thursday)
  5. 17 Steps to Success: The Power of Our Thoughts and… How it Rubs Off on Our Kids

Don’t these sound amazing? 

I’ve gotta run, but I want to hear your top 5. Leave me a comment and tell me what sessions you just cannot miss.

Register for the Mom Conference

How to Get Out of the House with Kids in Tow: The Reverse Method

Last week, my kids had eye doctor appointments and I was in super-efficient mom mode. We needed 5 minutes to get shoes on, 15 minutes to drive, 10 minutes of margin time. My purse was waiting by the door. I really had it together! That was until someone knocked a dish off the counter, it smashed into a thousand pieces and I cut myself trying to clean it up.

How to Get Out of the House With Kids in Tow: The Reverse Method

In a flash, my vision of walking calmly into the doctor’s office with my brood was dashed. I briefly contemplated leaving the broken glass for later and hoped there wouldn’t be any traffic.  … [read more]

Family Fun Friday {Week 62}

Decisions, decisions…

Family Fun Friday 62

Sometimes it’s just too hard to pick a theme and stick with it, so this week, I’ve picked 6 of my favorite posts to share with you. No, they don’t have a lot in common (other than they are great posts for moms), but each one has a tidbit of wisdom I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoy them!

This week is my last week as a Family Fun Friday hostess. I’ve had such fun getting to know all of you and I’ve been honored to feature a few of you. I can’t wait to see what you have for us this week!

[read more]

My $10 a Month Smart Phone Plan

A minimalist approach to a phone

For too many years, I  hung on to my ancient, decidedly dumb phone. My phone made calls and I could text if I had the patience to use the tiny keypad. It was a minimalist approach to a phone and it worked. Best of all, it was cheap. I used about $8 a month on an AT&T prepaid plan. All was well until we prepared to sell our house.

My $10 a Month Smart Phone Plan

Time to Upgrade

Once we listed our home on the market, I suddenly had to be reachable by phone all the time. I am the kind of person whose phone usually needs to be charged. Half the time I would forget to even turn it on. But all that had to change and I started keeping my phone with me and charged. While selling our house, I didn’t want the realtor to have to wait to reach me. I didn’t want to play phone tag with inspectors, appraisers and mortgage people. My phone usage jumped to about $30 a month. Trying to send a text on that old phone drove me crazy. My dumb phone had no internet access either and this was starting to be a problem. I decided to upgrade. … [read more]