Announcing Essential Oils for Beginners

I am so excited to share a new project of mine with you! I've mentioned my use of essential oils before, along with some other home remedies. I figure, if there's a natural way to support our family's health, I want to use it where possible before resorting to conventional remedies. I've gotten tons of questions about this. { Read more... }


Need help simplifying your home? Start here.


After reading Your Simple Home Handbook, I discovered that author, Elsie Callender, and I are pretty much kindred spirits. Sure, there are some major differences (I have 4 big boys and she has one little tiny one. She lives in a 600 sq. ft cabin and my home is many times larger.) But despite these differences, when I read her new book, Your Simple Home Handbook, I knew I had found a like-minded friend.  { Read more... }


24 healthy breakfast ideas for busy days

Are weekday mornings as hectic in your house as they are in ours? Now that we're no longer homeschooling, 2 of my kids have to be at the bus stop by 6:50 am.  But I am not going to let an early morning sabotage our need for a healthy breakfast. We've collected 24 different healthy breakfast ideas for you. These are all quick and easy to prepare. Some can even be prepped in advance, making you look like super mom on a busy weekday morning. { Read more... }