The simple way to manage your money


Have you ever wanted to get a big picture view of your money without all the hassle of entering transactions? I've been using a website called Personal Capital which lets me do just that. Personal Capital says they are “the modern way to manage your net worth.” They have over 800,000 users and $150 billion in assets are tracked in their system. Disclosure: affiliate links are present. How can you use Personal Capital to manage your money? { Read more... }


A printable checklist for an organized purse


A mom's purse is full of critical things! Kind of like MacGyver - I'll bet you can change a tire while keeping the baby happy and giving instructions to a co-worker, all with items out of your purse. Am I right? When you have an organized and well-stocked purse, you're better prepared for all those needs, big and small, that inevitably happen when you're out of the house. Here are some things that belong in a well-stocked purse. { Read more... }