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Small House Organization: Tips from a Vacation Rental

Do you find it difficult to get organized in a small home?

This week I had a taste of small space living when we took a quick trip to the beach and stayed in a tiny two-bedroom apartment.

Small house organization

We’re talking 800 square feet for 6 people! Sleeping and eating arrangements were tight but we had a blast. I came away with some ideas to share with you on staying organized in a small house.

3 Tips for small house organization

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The Art of Organizing using Free (and nearly free) Containers

One obstacle that one of my readers mentioned to me last week was that organizing advice often starts with buying something! While it can be fun to browse through organizing eye candy, it’s hard on the wallet and it’s certainly not necessary.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for useful and attractive containers to organize your home. In fact, you probably already have suitable containers at home.

In this video, I’m sharing some of my favorite free and recycled containers with you.

Key tips for finding and using free containers for organizing:

  • Sturdy food containers like coffee cans and large screw-top jars make great recycled containers.
  • Baskets and Mason jars are easily found at thrift stores and yard sales and add a nice touch.
  • Tote bags and drawstring backpacks make great containers as well.
  • Your first organizing goal should be convenience; if there’s time to make it look pretty, go for it, but don’t let that bog you down or keep you from organizing in the first place.

Frequently people think that organizing means spending a lot of money on a bunch of new containers. But organizing doesn't have to cost any money - you probably have plenty of attractive, suitable containers in your home right now! See this helpful video tutorial for some easy ideas on how you can organize your home using things you already have on hand.

I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial – I had a lot of fun making it! It only took 4 tries :) Would you like to see more videos on organizing?

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Easy Inspiration for a Healthy Lunchbox

Confession time: I am woefully uninspired in the lunch department. My kids usually eat leftovers or basic sandwiches for lunch. But when I recently opened up The Healthy Lunchbox by Katie Kimball, I got revved up by the pages and pages of easy, portable lunch ideas.

Easy Inspiration for a Healthy Lunchbox

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Katie is known for her simple, healthy approach to real food.

I’ve followed Katie’s blog for years. I love Katie’s systematic approach life. She is unbelievably thorough! (Example: she’s reviewed 7 lunchboxes, 7 reusable snack bags, and 43 different natural sunscreens!)

I got a chance to ask Katie a few questions about her book. … [read more]

Did you mother ever tell you…

… that the most important meal of the day is breakfast?

The BEST way to fuel up your kids for a busy schoolday

She was right!

A nutritious, healthy breakfast is a huge part of my strategy to start off a successful (homes)chool day for my kids. The right breakfast will prep kids for enough focus, attention and energy for a busy schoolday.

So what are the components of a healthy breakfast for schooldays? I have the answer for you: click over to the Humbled Homemaker where I’ll tell you the best way to fuel up your kids for a busy schoolday.